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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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dave: that is the case, and they are really celebrating. they are proud the three were found in kentucky. the most important thing is they were all found a safe, and that is exactly why everybody here is so happy. we were talking with them because it was exactly three weeks today that gary pollack ankle bracelet. his girlfriend helped him get along with them. earlier today when we spoke with frank carr, quigley' s grandfather, he did not know where his grandson was, he was sad, he did not know how this would end. the man was with his daughter and grandson, he did not know how the future would end. he had high hopes, but he got a call from the u.s. marshals service and was thrilled to get that call. >> once i got the call from the
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it is just so great. all these scenarios are out of my mind now. they are safe, everyone is safe. dave: what are you looking forward to the first time you see xander? >> hug him, kissed him , it will be great -- we always talked on the phone. the lady called us back and we talked to him on the phone. he was so glad to hear us and our voices. he started laughing. it is just so great. dave: it is good, and incredible reunion once xander gets back to palm coast. he was living with his grandparents and his mother. there are challenges ahead, certainly the inmate accused of escape. he will go through the ramifications of that, and his girlfriend, it ranked cars daughter is going to have to deal with the accusation she helped him escape. but xander quigley is safe.
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mom of xander quigley' s father, she lives in pennsylvania, and she is on her way to kentucky. she spoke to me on the phone and said she is over the moon happy and looks to be for united and midnight or a little after. angela: we are following breaking news in brevard county. a person is clinging to life after a fire tore through her home. fire officials say the flames started in the kitchen and spread to the attic. the victim is in critical condition. we will get more news for the late news at 11:00. jim: late breaking tonight, this man is now charged in the aftermath of a nightclub shooting that left two people dead and eight others wounded. orlando police chief john mina says the shootings were intentional and between rival groups. he is vowing to put those responsible behind bars and as bob kealing tells us, the chief wants ensure that security lapses are fixed before the club reopens. bob: 23-year-old jose jaime
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charges of carrying a concealed weapon in to the glitz nightclub, then tampering with physical evidence later when police say he threw his weapon up on the roof of a shed. he allegedly admits smuggling a 9mm handgun in to the club with a 30-round clip stuffed in his pants and was never patted down or scanned with a metal detector. john mina: there was a shooting inside the club, so obviously guns were let into the club, don' t know exact we have that happened. but that is what i mean by lapses in security. bob: in hopes of preventing another similar tragedy orlando' s police chief says the , club will remain closed until mandated security changes are made. john mina: we' re gonna require additional security and staff, walk through metal detectors, proper training for their security staff. bob: when police confronted him outside the club after the shootings they say brull lopez was standing near a wounded
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at first, police say brull lopez lied about going into the club at all and lied about being armed. when he allegedly admitted to being inside and pulling out the firearm brull lopez vehemently denied ever firing the weapon. chief do you consider him a suspect in the shooting? john mina: i' m not going to talk the investigation and who are suspects are. trust me, they will be behind bars. jim: only one of eight people wounded remains hospitalized in stable condition. five of those released are described as innocent bystanders. chief mina would not confirm the shootings are gang related. meredith: that big traffic mess along highway 17-92 is no better right now. we' ve been showing you the slow-downs due to a construction project in maitland since last night. over my shoulder right now you' re looking at video we just , got from chopper 2. here' s the area we' re talking about, southbound lanes of 17-92 at park avenue right by the railroad crossing bridge
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crews are lowering the road. wesh 2' s greg fox is live there, and greg, police have been making some traffic signal changes. greg: they have at times , and they are still at it right now. the one in the yellow security vest, you can barely see, he has the controller, so he is manually operating the signal to try to get that traffic moving along. it is slow going at is going to be that way this weekend. [car horns] greg: patients has been worn raw as drivers are trying to navigate this mess. they are try to turn left onto park avenue, even though they don' t have the right of way. by sunup, the jan that started thursday night at 7:00 was no better. as fdot worked to lower the road under the railroad crossing bridge, the closed south-bound lanes backed up deep into maitland, slowing drivers. >> oh it' s just aggravating.
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got people waiting on me. they should do it at night don' t you think? >> horatio to here, 30 minutes. 30-35 minutes, terrible traffic. greg: winter park police, were directing traffic overnight at the bridge, but all points north are maitland jurisdiction, and maitland police say they were notified by fdot' s contractor very late, and had no time to provide patrols to direct traffic. is it a failure? >> we have detours for people to get off this roadway well up the road, but again, not everybody sees that. greg: it leaves local businesses like a hardware store and fitness gym mostly without customers. chris mink: so i lost some business today, and i know that those businesses across the street probably had the same thing happen. roy arenth: unfortunately we' re just going to have to suffer. it is definitely cutting into our business already. greg: we saw maitland police adjusting signals and directing traffic on occasion throughout the day, but there is no contract to keep them here
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and we are live again on 7092. you can see officers again are back and manually operating that light at park avenue, trying to make things go a little more smoothly. as far as construction, that will continue into the weekend. it is supposed to be done on monday, 6:00 a.m. monday. if it is not, fdot says they could use a couple of days next weekend, but will not interfere with commuter traffic on friday morning. meredith: and there is some good news about another mess that was causing problems for drivers. kennedy boulevard in eatonville just re-opened following a water main break earlier this week. the break was fixed yesterday, but the road still needed some repairs. because of the break, many people who live in eatonville are still under a boil water notice. jim: central florida congressman alan grayson is flat-out rejecting calls to drop out of the race for a u.s. senate seat in our state. senate minority leader harry reid says grayson should end his bid to replace senator marco rubio.
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false and misleading news stories to pressure him out of the race. the new york times is reporting that grayson promoted his international travels, some with congressional delegations, to solicit business for his hedge fund. grayson once sent out an email linking the tea party to the ku klux klan and said the republican plan for health care was that if you got sick, to die quickly. grayson is running against two-term democratic congressman patrick murphy of south florida. meredith: drug agents say it' s the largest amount of heroin, they' ve ever seized in a single marion county drug case. nearly a pound and half of heroin with a street value of almost was seized during a $100,000 traffic stop near i-75 this week. after more searches, guns, pot and more than in cash was $21,000 located. felipe and stephanie rodriguez were arrested. the ocala couple faces armed heroin trafficking charges, possession of drugs, and weapons. >> typically in a year in marion
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that is recovered, so it does in this one buzzed, we took a noticeable amount of heroine off the streets. meredith: investigators believe the heroin came from outside of marion county. the couple has already bonded out of jail. jim: one of the two people who died in dump -- palm coast when a dump truck driver drove over them was a young woman eight months pregnant. the highway patrol says 29-year-old kevin walsh got his pickup stuck in soft dirt at a construction site on forest grove drive. 22-year-old jessica darby and her fiance tried to help, and when they couldn' t free the pickup, they asked the driver of a dump truck to pull them out. paul beagan had no luck either and as he was backing up to , leave, he drove over walsh and darby, apparently unaware they were standing behind the dump truck. walsh' s uncle spoke with wesh 2 news. >> he was a very, very good guy. very loving, very caring. just don' t understand it. jim: the dump truck driver was stopped by troopers down the
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he was taken to the hospital with chest pains after learning what happened. meredith: schools and students have one thing in common in florida, report card time is underwriting experience. the grades are out, and shall meredith has more on how schools and school districts stack up. michelle: it is report card time. and here in central florida, as always there' s good news with the bad. in terms of districts, the news is over all impressive. seminole and brevard counties got straight a' s and the rest of central florida' s school districts, flagler, lake, marion, osceola, volusia, and orange got b' s. in breaking down orange county central florida' s largest school , district and 10th largest in , the nation, there was a lot to brag about. close to 80 schools in orange got a' s including over 40 elementary schools, nine charter schools, 14 middle schools and 9 high schools. winter park high was one of
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>> i think it matters, because that is the future of our children, you know. michelle: but in orange county, there was a short list of f schools, eight total two are charter schools and six are elementary schools orlo vista, rolling hills, ivey lane, eccleston elementary, washington shores and pine hills elementary. >> i' m devastated. michelle: the news upset this parent, whose son is a fifth grader at pine hills elementary. >> they need to figure out what they going to do, because that is not fair to the children. michelle: orange county' s school superintendent said in part, "the grades are viewed as partial grades because they lack critical components such as learning gains." district officials say f schools will get special attention from coaches who will determine what each school needs to improve. michelle meredith, wesh 2 news. jim: more cases of the zika virus are now being reported in florida. meredith: tonight what the state is doing to make sure you and
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jim: and guns for credit cards. almost guns have been turned in 100 so far in a local buy-back program. we learned an interesting tidbit about one of the guns recovered. >> look at that pretty boy, look at that pretty boy, where' s my boy been? meredith: tonight a remarkable reunion. after four moths apart, find out how a dog made it back to his owner. tony? tony: it was a gorgeous afternoon, mid-70' s. a front to work in tonight, and
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at jim: a rape suspect has been on the run for 20 years, having assumed the identity of a dead man. meredith: palm bay police have released these two photos of a douglas adams one as he appeared in 1996, the other as he appeared in 2004, when he assumed the identity of the deceased robert wuolle. the victim of the alleged 1984 rape is pushing for a renewed effort to find him. she' s still haunted by what happened decades ago. a resident of the neighborhood where the alleged rape occurred says she believes she'
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adams lately. pam bartley: we live in a very good neighborhood where i' ve always felt safe, and now i' m going to be even more cautious that normal. meredith: police say adams has ranged as far as mexico in his flight from justice. jim: the orange county sheriff' s office is giving you the chance to turn in your gun for a gift card. they' re trying to get unwanted guns off the street, and will give you a $50 gift card. the event is at the obt development board on south orange blossom trail and it continues for about another 45 minutes. deputies say last year, 293 guns were stolen out of cars, and in 79% of those cases, the vehicle was unlocked. as of this afternoon, 92 guns have been surrendered. >> the reason we' re doing this is because, in our community, we see a nexis between stolen guns and violent crime. and this initiative is all about
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the hands of criminals. jim: among the guns recovered, deputies say they were given this gun reported stolen in , orlando back in 1983. meredith: there are now 20 cases of the zika virus in florida each one is said to be travel related. this is a map of all the counties where cases of zika are now confirmed, adding alachua county today. osceola county is the only one in central florida. as 15 companies work to come up with a vaccine, the florida state health department wants you to be better informed about the fight against the zika virus. they' ve opened a hotline that you can call for information. that number is 855-622-6735. the groups who operate some of florida' s free clinics set up shop at the state capitol this week. they' re hoping to make sure lawmakers include funding for them in the next budget. they' re asking for $4.5 million to help keep 125 clinics up and running. in 2014, that same amount was given to the clinics, and doctors say they were able to
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last year, governor scott vetoed the funding. jim: a heartwarming reunion between a man and man' s best friend, and the man in new smyrna beach, who is disabled, really needs him. the dog disappeared while the owner, a quadriplegic, underwent surgery last month. >> aww. here' s my big boy. jim: kevin young had a friend in holly hill care for his poodle-cocker spaniel mix named poupee while he recovered from surgery. but the dog ran away, trying to find his owner. that' s when holly hill began a search and rescue mission. poupee was missing for almost a month, and then yesterday a city employee spotted him. >> i could not be happier, because he is the closest thing to -- to what i have got.
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jim: he was overwhelmed with gratitude and told the officers they went above and beyond their call of duty. meredith: the best story tonight. tony: gorgeous night, if you have been to plans -- dinner plans. kicking off tonight, checking in with pat clarke and a couple of moments, but we are blessed. 70' s here, 19 in chicago, 19 in minneapolis, we are in the right spot. we warm up with the west winds, falling back into the 60' s and low 70' s right now. still pretty dry, so we will see temperatures continue to drop. we are five degrees warmer than this time yesterday. hour-by-hour, we are going to be staying in the mid-60' s even by 11:00. overnight low temperature in town 51. a little cooler behind the front in the morning, but by the
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we get wins, a little cooler, but not dramatically cooler. we get the eastern flow on sunday off of the atlantic, but a gorgeous day. tomorrow, we will refine the temperatures, 64 from 74 in leesburg, mid-60' s in celebration, and tomorrow. a little cooler in marineland, 57. at melbourne and vera, mid-60' s today, mid-70' s tomorrow. the polar plunge, jim payne hosting, 61, 62. we get to daytona beach, lucas oil slick 200, have a jacket by sunset. things will be cooling down rather quickly. valentine' s day, here is what it looks like, sunup 705.
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on monday, it is a quiet day for most of us. fast-moving front monday night on into tuesday. a quick shot of rain, but it is not going to be that bad. as we look at the updated seven-day forecast, valentine' s day 67, monday night into tuesday quick shot of rain. we hold in the 70' s wednesday, thursday and on into friday. pat is live at the speedway getting ready for a busy weekend. patrick. pat: thank you very much. daytona rising is about to give way to daytona racing. sprint buggies on the track
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of pat: the wait since homestead must have seemed endless for sprint cup drivers and likely their fans as well but that wait , is now over. racecars on the track here at daytona this afternoon, racing begins tomorrow night. the sprint cup takes green just after 8:00. so many storylines as speedweeks begins in earnest not the least , of which is joey logano, who
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defending 500 champion. last year not without controversy, his feud with matt kenseth well-documented. and while it was kyle busch not logano who won the chase championsihp, still as old year -- a very good year for logano season. >> we are racers, we race. it has been a long, hot season for us. i have not racist since homestead. i did not even sleep much last night because i was excited to get here. i love what i do. pat: jimmie johnson seeking that seventh sprint cup series title this season. he won five races last season, also claimed one of the twin qualifying checkered flags. 75 career wins now for the hendrick motorsports star. you may recall the jimmie eliminated from the chase early last year, something that has been stuck in his craw all winter. mr. johnson, who has begun his own fitness initiative, talking
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>> i did not realize i was capable of these things. it was not my goal, but seeing -- being there to support someone on this journey, and the other pieces of that, the individual has to want it. when that happens, great things happen to great stories. pat: and stewart haas racing official today. what most have known for at least 24 hours, brian vickers will drive the 14 during speedweeks, filling in for the injured tony stewart, who by the way used social media today to update his health to fans. stewart you know broke a vertebrae last week in california, but was walkiong on a treadmill as he answered fans questions. smoke smoke said he didn' t want people to think he' s being lazy. back out here live at the speedway, it seems quiet, but it
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meredith: it' s estimated that 90% of the fresh flowers that are imported into the u.s. come through the miami international airport. jim: ups will fly more than 100 million flowers here for love birds all across the u.s. this valentine' s day. that' s 560,000 boxes, nine million pounds or more than
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crews move the flowers from planes to a massive freezer that is the size of five basketball courts before passing through customs where each flower is inspected. meredith: i' m sure mrs. payne will get some flowers. we have a look at the holiday weekend forecast. jim: the latest on the missing three-year-old, his tonight, dangerous freeze. below zero in 16 states. 65 million people plunge into the teeth of a polar vortex. urgent warnings of a potentially deadly winter blast. donald trump threatens to sue ted cruz as bernie sanders accuses hillary clinton of landing a low blow. it's getting nasty. mhete horror, a viterbo restaurant attack. a man suddenly starts slashing and stabbing people inside. the fbi investigating and asking was it terrorism?


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